Webhosting service for you.

My target was to improve a domain position Tojeono.cz, that is owned by company Webmade, to the first ten in search results on keyword WEBHOSTING.

My client would like to be seen also on other asociated keywords.

Webhosting - a state before starting my work

Website wasn't on keyword webhosting optimalized at all. I realized by browsing statistics that there is no traffic through search engines. Positions in search results responded by this state. Everything must be for company doing business in webhosting a very sad detection. In Google I found the company on keyword "webhosting" on 27th place.

Webhosting - achieved results

I began my work at the beginning of July 2009. After one week the position jumped up in Google about 10 places. I expect, a work to an achievement about 10th position in Google will take about three months. To reach about 5th position I need minimum 6 months.

    You can see an actual state
  • search results of keyword webhosting in Google.cz
  • search results of keyword webhosting in Seznam.cz

What does word mean - "webhosting"

We could say shortly - webhosting (Web hosting service) means a rental of data space for your domain in public webserver.

If you buy domain name and then you create website, it is necessary to find any public internet data server company, that it rents a space on a server disc. To this data place you can copy your web prezentation to sharing for users everywhere on the world by internet. A big advantage you do not a worry about technical service and problems of data server. All these things does a web hosting company instead you, include a domain registration.

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