Special Characters

Special Characters

Table of special characters and entities

In a year When I begin to work with Internet,
I co-operated on my stage in Ireland with europe students from different countries. I found I cannot tell them about some characters, because they did not understood English so good. I missed some list or explanation, so I decided to created it.

I asked everyone from different countries about
@ . : < > ! ? ; / \ and so on :-)
You can see now - I created useful list of Special Characters.


My list contains the names of the most common characters in these languages:
  • EN - English
  • CZ - Czech
  • SK - Slovak
  • DE - Deutsch
  • ES - Spanish
  • PT - Portugal
  • IT - Italian
  • FR - French
  • RU - Russian

Later, maybe someone was inspired by my list, began it to create in Wikipedia, but by different way.

I think that the names of entities can be useful also for you.


What is it Entity?

Entity is a sequence of defined characters, which can representing any character.

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