Stock animation

My target is to improve a traffic and a domain position of server Also order to the first position in search results on phrase STOCK ANIMATION.

My client would like to be seen also on other asociated phrases, for example STOCK FOOTAGE and so on.

Stock animation - a state before starting my work

Website was on keyword Stock animation partly optimalized. I realized by browsing statistics that there is no big traffic through search engines. Leading position in search results responded by state of an optimization. In Google I found the company on keyword "Stock animation" on 4th place - it was very good for starting of my work.

Stock animation - achieved results

I started my work at the beginning of September 2009. After two weeks was the position improved about 1 place. I expect, a work to an achievement about 1st position in Google will take about four weeks.

What does word mean - "Stock animation"

Stock animation is ...

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