Circle calculator

Circle calculator

Circle online calculator

A time ago I worked in one czech publishing house. I let the students to built online calculator for basic shapes. After some time I found that these calculators is very useful tool for people. So I decided to improve it by myself - I had opinions from other websites. Circle Calculator under server Wikina started at middle of the year 2012.

So now you can see that my Circle online calculator with best design off all. I spent very much time by creating to a professional face. At the beginning of the year 2015 I asked some programmer about co-operation, the result was responsible design a calculation on-the-fly.

What can calculator do?

Circle calculator can count circumference and area from radius or diameter. Also you can calculate by standard way or by reverse counting - you enter a value of area and then you get radius, diameter and circumference. All with a rounding naturally.

Circle calculator - language versions

The first I created Czech version, that I tuned-up it. In 2014 I added a Slovak version and in 2015 added a German and an English versions. During the 2015 I will add a Spanish version probably.

Circle calculator - achieved results

In this time I am No. 1 in both czech search engines: Seznam and Google. (Kruh in Czech = Circle in English.) I would like to reach the same in an English version of Circle. It could be quite difficult, because english speaking area is very competitive.

Circle - comparison

You can compare, if the my formulas on page for common people is better/worse than in wiki:

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