Character counter

Character counter

Character counter

I must solve problems with websites every day. Character counter become my daily tool for improving TITLE and Meta Description.

I wrote the long article how does it important:

Meta Description

The right sentence has several necessities:

  • to be long enough (max. 145-150 characters)
  • to contain keywords
  • to be emotionally interesting

Character counter

It was easy to create it in Javascript, it contains only several rows of code. I was inspired by Wordpress plugin - All in One SEO Pack (his function in Wordpress is very useful). You can find in Internet many such counters, but some of them are very advanced and some of them are full of advertising banners. So I wanted only a simple tool for counting characters with only one banner (it cover my work). I use it by myself for several years, from 2010.


You can also try it:


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